The Spark Dreams Programme


The Spark Dreams Programme is a way for our PCF community to unite and help children achieve their dreams through CDA top-up. We are calling on our alumni to be a part of this programme and positively impact the lives of future generations.


  • Child is a Singapore Citizen and aged between 2 months to 4 years old.
  • Child is an existing student enrolled in a PCF Sparkletots preschool.
  • Family’s gross monthly Household Income (HHI)^ is $4,500 and below, or Per Capita Income (PCI)^ is $1,125 and below for larger families.
  • Child has existing Child Development Account (CDA) jointly with the parent.

^ Before CPF deduction and include bonuses, commissions, overtime pay and allowances

The Spark Dreams Programme lights the way for our children’s dreams with financial support for their educational journey.

Parents can use the CDA to pay for approved products and services for their child, or child’s sibling(s), at Baby Bonus Approved institutions, such as childcare fees, healthcare expenses, assistive technology devices, early intervention programmes, and approved healthcare items.

The CDA is a valuable resource for parents. It can help them save money on their child’s childcare fees, healthcare expenses, and other needs.

From October 2023, eligible children will be automatically enrolled in the programme, and the top-up will be reflected in their CDAs. No application is required!

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